"The coldroom has been a sound investment and has given me better buying power: I can buy roses in bulk. Wedding work can be made up Monday or Tuesday. Highly recommended."
Sharon Fogg, The Wild Bunch, Macclesfield

"Just amazing. Our flowers are lasting twice as long, we can carry more stock, buy better – especially roses and lilies – have little wastage, and can prepare in advance and work less. Probably pay for itself in the first year; fantastic."
Nadine Sandell, The Flower Basket, Norfolk

"A definite investment. Flowers are lasting longer and looking fresher, customer are commenting on the quality of the flowers and how long they are lasting. Wedding work can made up days in advance: no more worrying. Very happy."
Jean Floyd, The Queen St Florist, Hampshire

"We’ve never done so many weddings this year. This weekend we’re doing five. Couldn't manage without the coldroom. So glad we have it, great investment, very pleased."
Sarah Horne, Sarah Horne Flowers, Leamington Spa

"I’ve lost count of the number of times we say what do florists do without a cooler. Our cooler has paid for itself over and over again."
Heather Ryder, Living Colour, Stockton Heath

"The coldroom is excellent, wastage has reduced to zero. It's improved our time management and efficiency, especially making up wedding and contract work days in advance. Couldn't live without it. I think every florist should have one."
Angela Vella, Vive La Rose, London

"Before investing in a cooler I was so frustrated seeing flowers being thrown away, but now everything goes in the cooler. The pressure has been taken out of the job. Wedding work can be prepared days in advance. This enables me to take more time and gain more enjoyment in creating work instead of a last minute rush and worry. Flowers come out of the cooler perfect. I couldn't live without it, the financial savings have been huge, vase life has trebled – a definite benefit."
Sharon Crane, Forget Me Knot, Buckie, Scotland

"I just want to say I think it is fantastic – the best investment in the shop I’ve made. The response from customers is "WOW". I think that just about sums it up."
Dawn Chapman, Blossoms & Bows, Tyne & Wear

"Customers love it, it makes the flowers look fantastic, so they're already sold on the freshness. It's a lot easier building a reputation for stylish work when you know the flower quality and vase life won't let you down."
Neil Whittaker, The Design Element, Manchester

"Vase life is now between 10–14 days and has resulted in savings of £50 per week on roses alone."
Margaret Henry, Apple Blossom Florist, N.Ireland

"After 15 years of using a cooler I wouldn’t be without one, they definitely prolong vase life."
June Shalcroft, Rease Heath College, Cheshire

"The cooler is very good. It enables me to hold a good amount of stock with minimum wastage. The feedback from customers has been tremendous with customer's flowers lasting longer than two weeks. There’s no doubt it works – wouldn’t be without it."
Diane Cairns, Stems of Jedburgh