Flower Display Coolers


For florists, the traditional method of displaying and selling cut flowers in the UK is not particularly efficient, especially in the summer months or in warmer retail outlets. The flowers wilt rapidly resulting in a large percentage of the blooms being thrown out. Now there is an attractive alternative – Floracool temperature-controlled storage and display.


Floracool rooms offer you a unique and attractive display that cools cut flowers and presents them clearly and elegantly in optimal conditions to your customer. A really fresh product, presented in this manner, encourages your customers. They buy more and repeat business is more likely.


Warm summer weather can send a florist’s temperature soaring along with the mercury on their thermometers, as flower wastage hits a peak and profits take a knock. Even normally cool shops with traditional stone floors can prove an inhospitable environment for cut flowers – whilst modern units surrounded by other centrally heated shops, or sitting in enclosed retail malls, are a nightmare.


That’s why more and more UK florists are catching up with their counterparts in Europe and the US, where display coolers and walk-in cold rooms are very much the norm for keeping flowers in optimum condition for longer.